A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an integral part of any modern warehousing operation and generally speaking, the more sophisticated the system, the more benefits it will bring to customers.

One of the most attractive elements of a good WMS is the ability for it to integrate into your current systems making things like stock management, delivery note generation and statistical reporting much more efficient.

A key optional component of the system enables rapid integration with any external system such as SAP, Amazon, etc. Data can be provided in any format, using any protocol. It provides a managed data translation/conversion, eliminating the need to create bespoke and costly interfaces. Data is automatically validated to ensure compliance. Typically, this would include orders and sales (pre-advice of inbound and outbound movements), Advanced ship notifications, etc., but can equally provide stock availability for use upstream within an ecommerce system.

And, because it operates in real time, it gives you the data that you need there and then enhancing your procedures and our account management making it wonderfully efficient.


Why you should choose a warehouse with a WMS?

Our system can support several elements of your business to suit individual requirements and can help to drive efficiencies and streamline procedures for your business operations.

With capabilities for customer service, sales, procurement, warehousing, and administration it also allows you to generate comprehensive management information and reporting and can be operated across multiple sites, all within one system. This provides visibility at both a local and global level.

The cloud based, sophisticated secure system permits personal configurations and helps you distribute products through the necessary channels. Its multi-dimensional capabilities mean that it is one of the most sophisticated systems available giving you greater understanding, greater control, and greater benefits as to how The HD Group is supporting your business logistics, warehousing and supply chain operations.


How does a WMS help you?

As well as supporting our customers, it is important that any WMS supports the team that is operating it. Our new system seamlessly integrates the two objectives and supports all our core business functions which is critically important, especially as the business continues to expand.

The system is multi-tenant enabled, which provides the ability to on-board new customers in record time, whilst maintaining compartmentalised secure data visibility for each customer.

With real time reporting, efficient scanning and paperwork generation and data generated for each individual customer to the correct specifications, it makes managing each individual customer account much more efficient ultimately giving our team and your team greater control and understanding of both day-to-day and strategic management of the account.


About the HD Group WMS

The HD Group worked with Minster Logistics Software to commission its new systems. Minster was established in 1978 and provides expertise in distribution and logistics technologies. As market leaders they work with many blue-chip companies to provide software to support products and the way they are handled through the supply chain. This is what made it the perfect system for our customers.

Graham White, Operations Director, The HD Group commented; “My thanks go to the team at Minster, Dave Hughes and Marco Van Deventer, for their support and professionalism in both the installation and the training that they provided to allow us to maximise the benefits of the system and enjoy a significant return on our investment.”

The HD Group is the preferred partner to many businesses due to its driven leadership team and experienced team who develop solutions in direct response to customer requirements.

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